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The following is a brief synopsis of qualifications for those selected.  Their lives are a true testimony to the value they place on the sport of organized bowling. Congratulations to all. Awards will be presented at a time and place selected by the recipients. Watch our Facebook page, Omaha Bowling Ass'n, and this site for schedules.


JEANNE BELITZ JR.- Award presentation April 20, 6:30 PM, Maplewood

Jeanne began her membership in GOABA in the 2009-2020 season in two leagues at Maplewood Lanes.
She is just “another bowler” on the lanes, but also has the enthusiasm, dedication and genuine care for the sport  in her blood. She comes by this naturally as she carefully carves out her place in the bowling world as a second  generation proprietor. She remembers to treat all her customers as “family”.

Proprietors  have a choice as to what level of support they give to the local USBC Association in their jurisdiction.  Jeanne has proven that she and Maplewood Lanes are one of the strongest supporters of certified  bowling in the Gr Omaha area. She currently maintains leadership for fifteen certified adult leagues and has had up to 25 during her reign; bowlers count in certified play has ranged from 1500 to 2800; youth bowlers have a home at Maplewood with participants in six certified leagues; she, along with her staff, works with GOABA to make sure bowlers have current memberships; she makes sure the staff supports our local awards programs and Nick is always progressive in submission of those awards.

Jeanne is an advocate for the development of High School and unified bowling, the Future for the Sport.
Jeanne does a fantastic job of balancing the “business end” and the “certified sport” portion of bowling. She has a strong reputation as a leader in the industry nationwide.


JAY DABNEY- Award presentation Friday April 7, 6:15 PM, Mockingbird

This is a posthumous submission on behalf of the family. Sometimes HOF selections are not all about high games, high series or the number of tournaments won.Sometimes it's about the individual themselves and Jay Dabney is one of those individuals.

Jay is what bowling is all about in the city of Omaha.His love for the sport is unsurpassed,even during his courageous battle with cancer. Jay never lost the desire to participate and he has devoted numerous hours to not only competing, but helping others. Every time Jay steps into a house his demeanor projects an aura of friendship and competitiveness that all should adhere to. His participation varies from individual; doubles to team events, but his forte has always been in team competition. This is what our sport is mainly based upon--team participation and camaraderie. Jay was an inspiration to this sport and he will be missed by many. Jay was never at a lost for a kind word or a vote of confidence for a fellow bowler, whether it be a team member or an opponent. His support for the Omaha Bowling scene was in abundance, Jay was a USBC Life Member. While Jay may not have all the bowling accolades that many have in today's culture, but his heart and soul cannot be questioned. His accomplishments (on and off the lanes), dedication and love for the sport of bowling are a tremendous credit to himself, his family and the Omaha Bowling Association. If selected, Jay's contribution to a sport we all love will live on in a spirit within! His addition to this year's HOF will culminate a life-long participation achievement that spanned well over 30 years.
For his skill, dedication and love for the game Jay Dabney is selected for this year's Hall of Fame.


LARRY KAISER  JR-   Award presentation Wednesday, April 12, 9:30 AM, Mockingbird

The unique thing that comes to mind about Larry is he bowls at a very high- level bowling right- handed or left- handed. High series left-handed of 801 and right-handed of 823. His list of high games and series' with both hands is quite extensive.
 Larry shares the stage with other nice people bowling in Omaha including Tom Kelly Sr and Jr, Rich Abboud, Harold Watts, Joel Carlson, Terry Norton, Doug Laird, Rod Bethel and Ryan Cary to name a few. Larry is at the top of the list.

He will do anything for you and help anyone that needs it. Larry checks all the boxes to be in the Greater Omaha Bowling Hall of Fame. Including bowling in the USBC tournament for 30 years, PBA member for eight years and bowling in many PBA tournaments, bowling in the only scratch league in Omaha for over 33 years, the Draft League and getting drafted every year, help coach Gretna high school bowling team for 16 years and won ABT tournaments several times.

 Larry deserves to be in the hall of fame for just his bowling accolades alone. What sets him apart from other bowlers with his abilities is the great person that he is to everyone.

Welcome into the Omaha Bowling Hall of Fame.


RANDY MORENO-  Award presentation, Wednesday, April 12, 9:30 AM, Mockingbird

Randy began his bowling career as a youth working and bowling at Ames Bowl.  By the time Randy was in his early twenties, he had hung up his bowling shoes and started his own business which consumed most of his time.
After a 20 year absence from the game, Randy decided it was time to try the sport again and what success he has had.  His first attempt using a new ball, yielded ten strikes in a row, a feat he had never accomplished under the conditions that he had bowled on before giving up the game. Since then, Randy has 16 300 games and 15 800 series recorded as well as 18 scores recorded as 11 in a row. Randy averaged 201 is first year back and has increased that average ever since. He consistently maintains a composite average in the 220's with his best being 230 in the 2010-2011 season.

In addition to his ability to knock pins down, he has been an ambassador for bowling in every league he participates. He is always ready to congratulate bowlers at all skill levels for their achievements. In 2009, Randy had the idea to start a two person team league of senior bowlers, the Senior Eagles. He has promoted the league over the years which has grown to 18 teams.  Even though many of the bowlers in the league have already achieved their lifetime USBC bowling awards, Randy believes all honor scores should be recognized and he creates a trophy for each bowler in the league who rolls and honor score during league play.

For his bowling skills and devotion to celebrating the game of bowling, Randy is selected to the Omaha Bowling Hall of fame.


TERRY NORTON-  Award presentation, Wednesday, April 12, 9:30 AM, Mockingbird

Terry began making his presence known in the sport of bowling at South Dakota State University in the 70's. Omaha gained this competitor in 1980 when he began earning City, All Events and doubles titles. He was the Omaha TNBA singles and doubles champ in 1989. Regional  competition titles were usual and customary. Terry was a member of the PBA 1983-1985 and a PBA senior member 2007-2012. He has bowled 38 USBC national tournaments with his best finish being second place team division in Toledo, OH where he had a 299/725.

Over the years, it was not uncommon for Terry to participate in three to six leagues a week averaging 230+. He has 28 300 games, 1 PBA 300, 27 299 games, 1 PBA 299 and 25 800 series. His personal best series is 858 bowled in 2005 at Mockingbird.
While in South Dakota, Terry found time to help coach high school bowling teams.

For his accomplishments on the lanes, for his dedication to the sport of bowling and his mentoring of young bowlers, Terry is welcomed into the Omaha Bowling Hall of Fame.


JAMI WEBER- Award presentation, Sunday, April  2, 6:45 PM, Mockingbird

Jami's  bowl.com profile  provides a lengthy membership, average and award history substantiating
her qualifications in the “SKILL” category to be considered for selection into the Greater
Omaha Area USBC Hall of Fame, 2023.
Several 300 games, several 800 series with the high being 822 and averages consistently 210+; championships in Association Tournaments, 600 Club tournaments 2022 International Golden Ladies competition and State tournaments all while competing in three, four or even five leagues a week.Her number of high scores is only one element however.

As for her skill on the lanes, Jami will say, "not bad since I didn't start until I was 30".

Jami is giving back to the sport as  a Junior Coach. She has coached Gretna Girls Bowling Club and is certified Silver level Coach,

Coaching, tutoring, leading by example and  her many years of participation in sanctioned bowling makes her an excellent candidate.

Example: Omaha City Tournament, Chops, April 2022-Jami fielded a team that included some Collegiate bowlers who had never participated in an adult, Association Championship event before. She wanted them to “have the experience”. She wanted to be with them so they were not overwhelmed in this particular setting. She wanted to be there for the bowlers to show them “how to act and be their coach if the scores were not so good that day.” She was a kind and gentle mentor in action.

Denver’s loss was our gain when Jami began her bowling affiliation with the Greater Omaha and Council Bluffs Bowling Associations in the 2008-209 season.

We are lucky to have Jami Weber as a member of the Omaha Bowling Family. Congratulations!

Proudly introducing LU ANN  VECCHIO, winner of the "SPIRIT OF COURAGE" award presented by the Greater Omaha Area Bowling Association in conjunction with the Hall of Fame.

"In recognition of your strength, perseverance and undeniable courage through trying times with an admirable attitude, love of life and the sport of bowling."

Lu Ann had been a league secretary for 15 years in  the Classy Ladies league at Maplewood Lanes.
One night, leaving the bowling center, she was in an accident. Hit by a drunk driver, driving without lights, she received life-altering injuries.

Her determination to survive, get back to life and  get back to bowling were all in the plan.

Today, Lu Ann is back on the lanes! She represents all members of our Bowling Family that have overcome obstacles.

 Award presentation, Tuesday April 4, 6:30 PM Maplewood.
You are all special.   Congratulations, Lu Ann.

Introducing GARY FLOWERS, winner of the TED MELONIS MEMORIAL Award, presented in conjunction with the Hall of Fame.

"In grateful appreciation of your extraordinary service, promotion of and dedication to the sport of bowling", this award is named for Ted who started as a pinsetter/mechanic at Belle Bowl in Bellevue, became Omaha Bowling Association Secretary and rose through the ranks of the American Bowling Congress from Director to ABC President.

Gary worked at West lanes for 27 years as a mechanic, lane man and bartender.

His expertise "behind the scenes" was as rewarding as his performance on the lanes. 

He has  had several 300 games, an average as high as 230, several City Championships, has participated and finished in the top 10 in the Nebraska Senior games and a constant competitor in area tournaments.

For your years of involvement in our  sport of bowling, Congratulations!

BVL ( Bowlers to Veterans) 2022-2023 campaign distribution:
NEW VISIONS HOMELESS SERVICES: 1425 N 18 Street, Omaha, NE  68102                 $3000

MOVING VETERANS FORWARD: 731 N. Frontier Rd., Papillion, NE  68046                   $1500

PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA: 7621 Maple St., Omaha, NE  68134                 $1500

                                                   2108 Harvell Cir, Bellevue, NE  68005                         $1200

                                                    12505 Harrison Tull Drive, Bellevue, NE 68123           $  700

Look for us again next year around Veterans Day.  As always, THANK A VETERAN!

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YOU are a part of the Omaha Bowling Family when you register in a certified league and purchase your bowling membership. This season membership cost for adults 18 and above is $26,  USBC $15, Local Omaha $9, Nebraska State USBC $2.
This membership is valid until July 31, 2023 and entitles you to bowl in any and all certified leagues and tournaments in which you are eligible.  Not only in our area, but across the country (local and state dues may apply outside our jurisdiction).
Divide the number of certified bowling opportunities you have with your membership and the cost becomes minimal.

Youth membership: USBC $4, Local processing and awards program $6 for a total of $10.


President, Dean Martin

Vice President, John Haney


Office hours: Monday thru Thursday -10 am to 4:00 pm.  Friday the office is closed.

If the hours do not meet with your schedule, please contact the office for special arrangements.

Office Location:
151 N 72 St., Suite 3, Omaha, NE  68114   Sharing the East entrance and adjacent to West Lanes Bowling Center. In case the main doors are locked, please call upon arrival.

There is a secure mail slot by the front door  for drop-off items and the answering machine is always on for your important messages or questions.
Contact information: Phone-402-551-4007, e-mail-goaba@qwestoffice.net or barbmelonis@gobowlomaha.org